By reading this you have seen my post on facebook.

The Challenge: Complete one of the most rigorous workouts P90x, while also participating in and learning about Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The time frame: All will be taking place over a 90 day period.

What you can expect to see: Daily photos to track progress, food recipes ill be trying, daily thoughts about getting in shape, and of course plenty of wild and whacky things from Bo's Brain.

I hope you will follow the blog to see up-to-date photos and track my progress. I am a procrastinating, junk food loving, video gaming, joking person as most of you know. I'm also overweight like many people in the United States. This blog is dedicated to the people who need extra motivation while trying to lose weight. It is not easy, but being healthy is worth it. ( Or so I say now......) SPEAKING OF WHICH!!!!! Any motivation or encouragement while doing the challenge is greatly appreciated and makes doing this that much easier. Hey, we all wanna get in better shape. I'm just doing it in front of a lot of people. :D God Bless

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